Join Our Community

At Jefferson Christian Church, we want to be in community with one another. We accomplish this through three main avenues: Life Groups, Bible Studies, and Service Opportunities.

We truly believe community is paramount in pursuit of God. He designed us to desire and need community. We worship together as a community of Jesus followers every Sunday morning. We provide age-specific life groups and Bible studies throughout the year. We are also committed to serving others together. 

We provide opportunities to love our communities nearby and others globally.

Life Groups

Life Groups coincide with the school calendar. We offer three semesters each year for all ages. We encourage guests and church members to participate in these groups and to enroll during the registration process prior to the start of each session. 

For more information, please contact us.

Bible Studies

Our Bible Studies provide an opportunity for guests to meet people and share in community. We have age-appropriate Bible studies for everyone (birth through 90). Our facilitators are mentors, pastors, and servants. If you are longing to belong, if you desire to grow in your relationship with God and others, if you are seeking a family to encourage you and pour into you, contact us about our Sunday morning Bible studies.

Service Opportunities

Service opportunities include efforts locally, regionally, and internationally. We provide relief to flood victims, financial aid to those experiencing hardships, and support to organizations around the world who share the hope of Jesus Christ. We want people, both near and far, to know they matter to us and to God. 

If you are interested in serving others, contact us.